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Linen has always been the primary source of inspiration for the Solbiati home furnishings range. This sophisticated selection of fabrics for curtains, upholstery and decorative finishes is perhaps best represented by the following fabrics, which are accompanied by details of their weight, patterns and styles.

Bodrum Jacquard Maché

100% linen

Bodrum Jacquard Maché is reinterpreted in a neo-decorative style where yarns of different thicknesses give designs a minimalist tone-on-tone style.


100% linen

Available in a variety of narrow white and pearl grey stripes, Garzonelino offers a subtle tribute to the essence of delicacy. Designed for double height curtains.


100% linen

Tripoli brings exquisite curtains and decorative finishes to the home. This fabric features an unexpected twin appeal: the meeting between the crepe of the weft and the delave variant of the warp. The visual result recalls the crinkled or pleated look in which colour flows in delicate undulations to suggest a gentle chiaroscuro contrast.

Brianza Jacquard Maché

100% cotton

The striations of Brianza Jacquard Maché highlight and contrast symmetries and colour combinations.

Onda Jacquard e Moon

silk and linen

Onda Jacquard is created using the exquisite fil coupé technique, while Moon exploits the micro-relief effect that recalls the exclusive elegance of the ancient art of embroidery to flood lightweight curtains with the colours of refined innocence.

Torch & Torchon

cotton and linen

The candour of pure white sanctifies the precious richness of these patterns. Structured textures are given full expression in Torch (cotton and linen) and Torchon (cotton and linen), whose vibrancy is highlighted by the use of slub yarns.

Shanghai Jacquard

100% cotton

China and its antique ceramics and Japan with its kimonos have provided the inspiration for the delicate floral designs and geometric patterns of the pure cotton Shanghai Jacquard ranges. Solbiati revisits the shades of the originals to offer contrasting two-colour versions: combined with white, black and pearl grey they create a contemporary style philosophy that is perfect for upholstery and full curtains.

Bantry Jacquard

cotton and linen

In Bantry, the delave look appears to fuse structure with colour. Yarn-dyeing and the two-colour structure converge here in the overdyeing technique as individual fibres react to colour in different ways. The result is a soft and delicate colour palette that blends into a subtly retro look.

Morgex Jacquard

cotton and linen

The domed mausoleums of ancient Persia and Samarkand provide the inspiration for the shades used in the Morgex Jacquard range: a fine blend of linen and cotton in which the use of different weaves enhances texture and creates visually appealing three-dimensional effects.


cotton and linen

The Leno weaving technique that uses mouliné yarns is used in the Grenoble cotton/linen blend to create a shot fabric look with an all-over version and tone-on-tone striped version.

Ollomont Jacquard & Chamois

cotton and linen

Ollomont Jacquard also uses a cotton and linen blend, but this time in a herringbone pattern distinctive for its stunning embossed design featuring the interplay of different textures on each side of the fabric. The traditional family is complemented by Chamois in solid colours and stripes, in which the fine cotton warp meets a heavier linen weft to create interesting 3D effects.